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“John wins people over, builds relationships and grows wisdom.  We engage him as a Leadership Mentor.” 

James Le Huray – Principal, John Berne School



“The work is complex and intense. It is a minute by minute challenge to maintain a perspective and disposition worthy of the work. I am deeply grateful to John who helps me discover how to practise what I deeply believe: that I have something to offer but nothing to prove.”

Dr Greg Elliott – Director Wellbeing, Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese.



“Dr John Lee has been instrumental in developing a strong professional learning climate with our College Community.  The professional services he has provided St Dominic’s such as facilitating strategic planning, professional learning with Executive, leading whole staff professional development, consulting on school improvement, building capacity of teachers in leadership roles and policy development as ensured we remain faithful to our improvement agenda. Dr John Lee is diligent in his preparation and organisation of all his quality presentations to staff therefore facilitating a collaborative approach to learning.  Through his personal qualities, John has been able to engage all our staff in a non-threatening manner allowing all members to be valued.  We have had and hopefully will continue to have a strong relationship that will continue to keep student achievements at the core of all professional improvement.”

Mr Michael Ronchetti – Principal, St Dominic’s College, Kingswood



“In his time working with the different groups at Thomas Hassall Anglican College, John was charged with focussing on assisting in the area of Improvement and Innovation.  John successfully helped to start a College wide conversation around learning. This included working with teaching and non-teaching staff across the whole College using the ACER National School Improvement Tool. More recently John has worked closely with the Faculty Coordinators and the Year Advisor Team, helping to develop the ‘expert learning team’. The biggest contribution John made was to model what an ‘expert teaching team’ looked like. As our sessions progressed our College leaders began to communicate their shared experiences around learning. The ‘heart of an expert teaching team’ is the conversations around learning which is now the key focus of all our meetings.   John is a warm and personable professional who works hard to listen and understand your particular needs and then delivering expert advice from a solid research base and wide experience in teaching. I can strongly recommend Dr John Lee to any group needing assistance to facilitate their Professional Development.”

Mr Roger Young (- Head of Senior School, Thomas Hassall Anglican College, Middleton Grange



“John worked with a large team of teachers to enhance their collective efficacy. He designed and facilitated a tailor-made, NESA endorsed professional learning course entitled “Professional Enrichment.” This course included the exploration of a variety of strategies and saw John working with individuals and teams. We are very pleased with the professional services that John has offered. I am sure that our staff has benefited from his work.”

Dr Craig Wattam – Principal, St Patrick’s College, Strathfield



“Dr John Lee is an exemplary teacher and school leader with a wealth of experience. He has consistently demonstrated excellent classroom practice and is well-respected and widely known for initiating and leading activities that focus on building professional learning communities, inspiring colleagues to improve their own professional practice and improving the learning outcomes for students.

 Dr John Lee is very knowledgeable and he effectively utilises evidence-based practices and the considerable depth and breadth of his own experiences to engage and support teachers. Dr John is a skilled, collaborative and highly effective presenter and facilitator. He has supported staff at the college by working with them through the planning and development of a model for the professional growth and development of teachers.”

Mr Paul Brooks – Director of Professional Learning, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill



“Dr John Lee gave five years of outstanding service in the role of Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning at Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham.  He was able to lead significant improvements in the climate of learning, academic excellence and the practice of creative pedagogy within our community.  Multiple “1 per centers” were introduced to ensure we are not a “K Grade School”.  I am grateful that while John changes focus in his life, he will continue to work at the school two days a week.”

Br Paul Conn – Principal, Christian Brothers’ High School, Lewisham



“I worked with Dr John Lee at Freeman Catholic College where he was the Curriculum Co-ordinator. Dr John made an outstanding contribution to the development of the Learning Culture of the College.  He was a highly successful H.S.C. teacher and had the ability to get the very best from his students.  He is an engaging presenter and story teller.  He speaks with clarity and authority and his work is based on research and personal experience. Dr John has the ability to challenge, enthuse and motivate a staff. I highly recommend his services to you.”

Mr Michael Addicoat – Former Principal Freeman Catholic College, Bonnyrigg



“Your time at our College has opened our thinking to acknowledge what we are doing well at present and what is yet to be accomplished.  Staff commented on how well the sessions were conveyed.  Energy was rediscovered by staff who wanted to put into practice most of the tools provided by your seminar.  I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our College.” 

Sister Josephine Wehbe – Principal, St Maroun’s College, Dulwich Hill



Educational leaders speak about supervision with John


“We approached John to provide supervision and support for one of our Principals.  The arrangement has worked well and the Principal has benefitted from the partnership.”

Mr Chris Smyth – Director of Schools, Catholic Schools Office, Armidale  NSW


“John is interested in the joys and struggles of my work.
He has a depth of insight into people and education combined with advanced listening and questioning skills that deepen my understanding of my leadership.  I leave with insights and feel unburdened.”

Principal (1) – Sydney



“This is the place where I get to hear myself think.  It is the only forum where I get to reflect on my leadership, warts and all.
I am supported by supervision with John.”

Principal (2) – Sydney



“It is worthwhile.  John listens.  He looks at my situation with a completely different perspective.
When he challenges me, I am surprised by how my ideas develop.”

School Leader – SE Queensland

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