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Flourishing leaders change lives.

Connecting professional learning and reflective action

Dr John Lee
Dr John Lee is a creative and passionate educational leader.


John is an experienced, trained and accredited pastoral and professional supervisor.


Schools communities led by inspired educators change lives. The ordinary, day to day, work of principals, teachers and other educational leaders is now, even more vital. Dr John Lee has the skills and experience to support educational leaders achieve their goals.


After 32 years of fulltime teaching, 23 years on school leadership teams, John commenced Inspiring Educators, to support, facilitate and enhance the learning of other educators.


John and Elizabeth live in Sydney, Australia and have three adult children.

Consultancy video
  • Creating transformational learning spaces for educators to reflect and take action
  • Engaging and motivating people
  • Connecting and communicating vision with daily realities of education
  • Thinking analytically, combining research and experience for the benefit of clients
  • Over 4 decades of teaching experience in eight Catholic Schools
  • 23 years experience on School Leadership Teams across six schools
  • School Leadership roles include: Religious Education Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning.
  • Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning, Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham 1330 boys, Years 5 to 12 (2009 to 2013)
  • Curriculum Coordinator, Freeman Catholic College, Bonnyrigg, 1200 Co-Ed,  Year 7 to 12 (2004 – 2008)
  • Doctor of Education, Australian Catholic University
  • Thesis: Teenage Boys’ Perceptions of the Influence of Teachers and School Experiences on their Perceptions of Masculinity
  • Master of Education, Australian Catholic University
  • Graduate Diploma in Religious Studies, Catholic College of Education Sydney
  • Diploma of Education, University of New South Wales
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of New South Wales
  • Member of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders
  • Professional Supervisor and Member of the Australasian Association of Supervision
  • Pastoral Supervisor and Member of Transforming Practices Inc

Welcome to Inspiring Educators


If it’s not Super, it’s not Supervision

Dr John Lee, Inspiring Educators, writes about how professional supervision offers a regular opportunity for principals and other educational leaders to pause, reflect and consider action.


Supervision for Principals and Educational Leaders

Dr John Lee, Inspiring Educators, is an accredited professional supervisor.

To find out more, get in touch with Dr John Lee today